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#DIEZ#  Musical Instruments Ltd.                                   25 Lazarov Str., Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL   TEL: 03-9611776
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דיאז כלי נגינה - בית מלאכה / מעבדת תיקונים

Diez runs a professional warehouse for piano and acoustic instruments repair.
The company's CEO is a specialist in this field.
The warehouse employs a team of professionals for repairing, tuning, reconstructing and painting musical instruments.
The painting of the instruments is executed in a professional paint room (oven), according to the highest world standards.
The warehouse includes an electronic section for electric musical instruments and amplification equipment repair.
We also offer assessment services, tuning and repairing musical instruments all over Israel.
Piano transfer can be arranged under company's guarantee.

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